The Non Linear Narrative master programme at the Royal Academy of Art (KABK) merges investigative methods of journalism and forensics with processing technologies of computer science and visual arts into a contemporary, progressive design approach: the non-linear storytelling. It takes the entanglement of relations in the global information society as a starting point, in order to identify and interrogate complex socio-political issues and communicate them to a broad audience.

The programme repositions the graphic design discipline in the changing professional landscape and extends it with new responsibilities towards society. This year’s graduation show presents under the title Please Elaborate, the final projects of 12 young and emerging designers. To elaborate means ( ) to interpret, to experiment, to comment, to expand, to develop, to work out, to compare, to amplify, to improve, to enlarge, to complicate, to specify…

Spanning a range of media, exhibition formats and disciplines, the showpieces cover a multitude of subjects in order to unravel and demonstrate their complexities. As such, Please Elaborate is not only the title of the exhibition, but also the question the recent graduates often asked themselves in the process of making their works. In doing so, they responded with thoughtful and engaging comments to contemporary issues of gender equality, post-truth politics, sound pollution, global warming and neurodiversity. If you aren’t able to see the show in person, the exhibition will be also translated into a digital experience on and a series of video interviews. Stay tuned via

Sound pollution, global warming and neurodiversity.If you aren’t able to see the show in person, the exhibition will be also translat-ed into a digital experience on and a series of video interviews. Stay tuned via

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Mycelium Media
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Mingus Janssen - Mycelium Media
Can we amplify unheard voices, such as those of other-than-humans, and include them in our daily news?
Mycelium Media is a publishing house that infiltrates and intervenes in archetypical printed media, in order to (re)introduce other-than-human perspectives. Changing focus every season, Mycelium Media’s output currently revolves around the issue of seed dispersal. As the Earth is warming up, plants are forced to move along with their respective climatic zone. Yet, they can not migrate by themselves and depend on other animals to transport their seeds to cooler climates. Current publications of Mycelium Media unpack this issue, focusing on several of the species involved, and adding their stories to existing newspapers, magazines and books. During the Graduation Show, several correspondents of Mycelium Media will be roaming through the building of the Royal Academy of Art, acting as town criers announcing other-than-human news. Besides that, it is possible to visit the editor’s office and browse through the (already) published titles.
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